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Our Twitter Love Story

16th September 2014


When you think of grand, romantic love stories, they usually begin with a connection two people have the moment they meet.

But for us, our love story simply began with a tweet.

It’s incredible to think that I found my fiancé on a social media site that only allows you to share instances of your life in 140 characters or less.

After slyly laughing to myself each time someone asks how Joe and I met, I thought it was finally time to put the tale all in writing and to in fact show that meeting your significant other on social media is not as weird as you’d think.

While I have always seen Twitter as a great networking tool, I never thought it would land me a date.

That was until I got a text from a friend that some guy from Indiana saw my tweets and thought I was cute. (Later I came to find out this “crush” Joe had was really our mutual friend’s attempt to set us up.)

Living and loving my life in New York City, at the time I thought nothing of this little comment but figured I might as well see if the guy was any cute.

So when I discovered that he was in fact a very attractive man I thought the least I could do was follow him.

That simple action led me to discover that Joe and I had a lot in common. We both loved politics, baseball, and terrible pop culture references.

For a few months we would tweet and direct message back and forth about a number of random topics we’d encounter in our daily life. I learned a plethora of random facts about Indiana and what an actuary is while Joe learned the ins and outs of working in a newsroom.

When we reached the 3 month mark of our Twitter courtship, I decided to take the plunge and give him my phone number. As I waited to see if he would try to reach out, my heart skipped a beat when he texted me minutes within receiving my number.

Of course I never thought our innocent flirtation over social media would lead to anything. But the more I learned about Joe, the less interested I was in the guys I was meeting in New York.

In December after hundreds of messages, I decided to take the ultimate plunge and go meet Joe in person. Even though I was afraid to say this out loud, I told him that I felt like I was dating someone I’ve never met and I needed to know if this was real.

Thankfully, our first meeting did not resemble an episode of MTV’s Catfish.

As I nervously got off the plane (internally yelling at my self for flying to INDIANA), the minute I laid eyes on Joe I knew I had made the right choice.

I have to laugh when I think about the fact that I moved to the Midwest, changed careers, and found my soon to be husband all because of a relationship I built on Twitter.

Now I know there are a lot of skeptics out there when it comes to online dating in any form. And I know it is rare that situations like ours turn into happily ever afters.

However for all the single ladies and gentlemen out there still searching for love, I hope our Twitter love story gives you hope that your fairy tale ending could be just a tweet away.


Has Social Media Made It Impossible To Live In The Moment?

20th September 2013

How do we find a balance between the desire to share and the need to unplug?

A few weeks ago I found myself among a packed crowed at Yankee Stadium as Justin Timberlake and Jay Z light up the stage performing their hit song “Suite and Tie.”

However instead of relishing in the moment of seeing two of my favorite artists perform live for the first time, my attention was focused on my iPhone.

As I frantically prayed for my Vine video to upload, I realized that instead of enjoying the concert I’d waited so long to see, I was too busy trying to document it on social media.


Sure, now I have the images and videos to help me relive this event. And sure, I got some validation through the likes and envious comments I received. But for me, this was not enough to dismiss my feelings of social media remorse.

Whether I’ve missed a home run checking in on Foursquare to a baseball game or gotten too caught up instagramming my food to actually take the first bite, more and more social media has seemed to take away from instead of adding to my real life experiences.

And unfortunately, this is not just something I myself am doing.

Much like when I gather with friends who end up turning their attention from our real life relationships to digital ones, last year the website Badoo found nearly 40% of Americans spend more time socializing online than in real life.

While in many ways social media has allowed us to share everything from the simplest to most sacred events of our lives with more people in real time, it has also taken away from the action of “living in the moment.”

Now the challenge we face, especially for those of us who work within this medium, is how to deal with social media seeping into every spectrum of our lives.

Because, whether for better or for worse, social media is here to stay. So now we must master the art of finding a balance between the desire to share and the need to unplug.

(This post originally appeared on the Firebelly Marketing blog)