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London Days 1 & 2: The Jubilant Jubilee

6th June 2012

It has been almost a year to date since I embarked on my last European adventure. And being the ever-restless person that I am, when my friend Jacqueline asked me to join her this summer in England and Italy, I jumped at the opportunity. For the next few weeks I will be chronicling our adventures in these amazing European countries as we take advantage of our youth and learn to seize the day.
This past Monday we began on journey from the sweltering state of Arizona to the cool green pastures of England. Less than 48 hours after being in country I am already ready to pack my bags and head across the pond. This fact is due in huge part to the once in a lifetime experience I had at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee yesterday.
After one of the longest travel experiences of my life, I arrived in London after not having slept for 18 hours. But even that major side effect could not keep me from partaking in the Diamond Jubilee celebration that is not likely to occur again in my lifetime.
Exhausted and weary, Jacqueline and I arrived to London’s city center just in time to see the Queen pass by on Strand street. Confused as to what exactly was happening we both moved down towards Trafalgar square to see what the fuss was about. After an hour of waiting patiently I caught the glimpse of the glossy brunette strands of the one and only Duchess of Cambridge. Yes, I saw Kate Middleton in person and yes, I died in the process.
Seeing the grandeur and spectacle that is the English royal family was something indescribable. The culture is so different from the U.S. and different from anything else I have experienced in my life.
Starting our trip on such a high point has in many ways made the rest of our journey anti-climatic. Yet today we were still put in awe by the London Eye and the golden dome of Buckingham Palace.
With our trip just only begun I cannot wait to see what the rest of our time has in store for us. As we enjoyed a two-hour dinner in a local British pub tonight I will not be able to upload more photos until later. But fear not! If these past two days are any indication, this trip will be one for the storybooks.