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Hello Old Friend

1st March 2012

My absence from this blog is abysmal, at best.

While I took a short leave of absence to work on Indulgent Ambition, my friend and I’s attempt at lifestyle blogging, after my summer travels in Europe, my return to the uninspiring Arizona landscape led to yet another round of blog neglect.

But oh, how things have changed.

In the past seven months, I have moved to New York City to begin a temporary (but hopefully permanent) new life in the Empire State. 

Since January, I have been working at FOX News Latino.  Interning for this site has allowed me to do some incredible things that I never thought were possible – from sitting front row at New York Fashion Week to interviewing Supermodels. 

While I love what I do, there are often story ideas or personal opinions that pop into my head that I am not able to post about which is why I have resurrected this old blog.

The style will be much more relaxed. I am not going to focus on the quantity of posts but rather the quality. The posts could be about anything from my current obsessions to Spring Training, which I am so UPSET to be missing.

As for now, I would love input on a new name for the blog. 

I would love to do a play on my first and middle name, Kacy Jayne, which as anyone who knows me (or my twitter handle) knows I am rather found of. 

Thanks again to the few who are still interested in the way I view life.   Also, a shoutout to @MerKenyon for inspiring me to increase my social media influence!