A Foggy Day in London Town

7th June 2012

There is nothing quite as wonderful as seeing the sky turn blue after getting soaked in the rain.
That is exactly what happened to Jacquelyn and I today as we traversed our way through London.
The day began in a rather unusual way as we headed to a “work” appointment for some freelance travel pieces I am working on.
For a piece I am doing on the Olympics it was a “necessity” that I taste some of the local dishes that restaurants will be serving during the games. After emailing dozens of pubs I booked a few appointments for me and my photographer (yes, Jackie) to taste what these places will be offering.
Today was our first tasting and let me tell you this small little pub has set the standard quite high. Not only was the food delicious but the atmosphere was incredibly warm and inviting.

After tasting every item that will be available on their shortened menu (which is really quite large) Jacquelyn and I decided it was time to continue on to our tourist attractions. And while the tower of London awed me & the Globe theater left me feeling dramatic, it was our final stop of the day that really had me jumping for joy.
Ever the crazy Beatle fan that I am, today I had a quintessential fan girl moment as I reenacted the famous cover of “Abbey Road.” I felt like such a tourist waiting for the optimum moment to cross the street for the perfect picture, which is in fact quite the art form. 
With each day London continues to fascinate me with it’s treasure trove of history. My obsession with all things English only grows the more I learn about this magical place. 

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  1. Charlotte

    It's so wonderful you are having these experiences. I love London. I'm really excited about you working for Fox. They're the best.
    Blessings from an old friend of the family,

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