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Inside the MLB Fan Cave

20th April 2012

385604_10150795087296970_1587741750_nImagine if your job was to watch every single Major League Baseball game of the season, over 2,000 games in total.

At an old record store in Lower Manhattan, nine lucky fans, picked from thousands of applicants from around the country, are getting to do just that.

Being touted as the “first-of-its-kind immersive fan experience” the MLB Fan Cave lets fans experience America’s pastime in a whole new way.

It has live concerts, cave tours and celebrity and player appearances. Its main goal is interaction with a whole new fan base.

Unlike the average baseball fan, who is 45, those that engage and take part in the Fan Cave are a much younger demographic, with the average age around 30.

After opening last year, this year’s Fan Cave and it’s “cave dwellers” are starkly different then its pioneers.

The fan cave has undergone a major overhaul, with a remodel of the space itself as well as two new twists.

This year, instead of just two dwellers, there are nine in the cave watching every MLB game on TV. Fans on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, vote to eliminate them.

Even though the current nine cave dwellers are in competition with one another, they don’t see it that why. Instead of fighting, there is a sense of camaraderie and friendship. While there are no set plans on when or how many cave dwellers will be eliminated, cuts will eventually have to be made.

The applicants for this year’s cave increased by over 50 percent, going from 10,000 in the first year to 22,000.

When looking for the cave dwellers, the emphasis was on picking the best people with diverse backgrounds.

Chief Marketing Officer for MLB, Jacqueline Parkes, described what made these cave dwellers stand out.

“Each one of these people, and if you look at them, they have unique personalities, they have unique traits, they have interesting perspectives that they’re bringing to the table- they’re different,” Parkes said. “They represent our fan base. “

One of the two females representing the ladies, who made up just 20% of this year’s applicants, is Ashley Chavez, a second-generation Mexican and avid San Francisco Giants fan. Another contestant is Ricardo Marqúez, a 26-year-old Angels fan and self-professed “failed comedian,” making this year’s cave dwellers anything but boring.

Chavez, a former clothing store manager, has already had the opportunity to meet some of her favorite players, as well as interview musical guests such as the Fray, since being in the cave.

For Marqúez, “switching couches”, from his parents in California to the Fan Cave’s in New York City, was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

At its core, the MLB Fan Cave is all about what makes baseball America’s pastime— its fans.

“We look for people who are going to…represent the voice of the fan,” said Parkes.

By bringing in elements of art, music, culture, and entertainment, baseball fans get to experience a whole new world to the sport they love.

(This post originally appeared on Fox News Latino)